H A N D - C R A F T E D B O U T I Q U E D E S I G N





Embroidered caftan made of a cotton and silk blend. The ‘tibeb’ design is a revered, uniquely Ethiopian design. Artisans hand pick the threads to create the intricate designs made in mulberry silk. One size fits all.

Composition: 90% cotton, 10% silk

Care: Hand wash in cold water, hang dry. Iron. Do not bleach.

Size: O/S

Colors: Navy, White, Gray

Handwoven in Ethiopia

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About The Artisan:

Sabahar is an Ethiopian company that produces uniquely designed, hand made cotton and silk textiles entirely made from natural fibers. Kathy Marshall, a Canadian by birth but a twenty-year veteran of Ethiopia, founded Sabahar in 2004 and still works as its General Manager. Her passion for preserving and celebrating the rich weaving tradition of Ethiopia combined with her desire to create respectful and ethical work opportunities for marginalized people have laid the foundation for the company.