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A Little Help In Kenya


Last month we introduced you to Victorious Bonecraft, a group of young artisans from Nairobi's Kibera slums who work to improve their community by turning discarded cattle bones into fine jewelry. When we heard that one of Bonecraft's most urgent problems was the health risk posed to its employees by inhaling bone particulate, we wanted to help. Our friend Jack, one of the group's founders, told us that simple painter's masks would solve the problem, but they didn't have the means to purchase them. With the help of our customers, Plume set out to raise enough money to buy  masks for the men and women of Bonecraft. We are thrilled to report that they have arrived in Kenya and are being put to good use.

Plume was conceived not only to introduce people to some of the world's under-represented and supremely talented artisans, but also, hopefully, to make a little bit of a difference in the lives of the people with whom we work. It's a lofty mission that could seem as much a marketing scam as a genuine cause. But the above photos and the message we recently received from Jack at Bonecraft are what truly sustain Plume--it is the first, and in some ways, the only reason for doing what we do. And we owe it all to our customers. To all of you, thank you.


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