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Does Buying Ethically Mean Breaking The Bank?


After the tragic Bangladesh factory collapse in 2013, the conversation concerning global garment production has changed.  Shoppers are beginning to question their favorite brands and educating themselves so they can make the right choices concerning their wardrobes.  But one question remains as consumers get on the “shopping ethically” bandwagon.  Does buying ethically mean breaking the bank?  

Many ethical fashion brands fall into the “luxury” category forcing some consumers to argue that ethical fashion is cost prohibitive.  Yet as consumers, we don’t realize as the latest fashion trend flies by, that we have complete control over what we’re spending and how often we’re purchasing.  So maybe the real question is not will ethical fashion break the bank, but can ethical fashion help me consume mindfully?

After all, the “luxury” industry has seen a tremendous growth over the years.  The big wig design houses, which are already marking up their clothes by ridiculous margins, are doing pretty well these days.  Unfortunately, they aren’t adopting mindful manufacturing standards.  So, the money is definitely being spent, but we can redirect where it’s going.  How?  By thinking about our closet as a long term investment rather than a ferris wheel of mindless consumption.  By choosing fashion that’s sustainable, ethical and transparent rather than a quick fix to the latest trend.

So as we list our new year's resolution for 2015, add mindful shopping to the list.  When you're thinking about getting that new coat or blouse, take a moment to think about what direction your money is going.  Do you need it?  Is it an ethical brand?  Will it add to your investment?  In the long run, your bank won't be broken, but probably more mindful.

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