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Ethical Shopping This Holiday Season


Unfortunately, a large part of the fashion industry contributes to the unfair and sometimes exploitive labor practices around the world.  As a consumer, the lack of transparency in these complicated, unregulated global supply chains can feel completely overwhelming.  After all, how can you possibly know where that sweater at your local department store came from?  Was it made by workers with unfair wages?  Was the cotton picked by small children?  Was the color made from toxic dyes that are now polluting the earth's water?  Unfortunately, when it comes to understanding the importance of transparency, sustainability, and ethics in the fashion industry and how it impacts the environment and people around the world, most consumers don't know where to start.  That's why over here at Plume, we're providing you with 3 QUICK TIPS that can help you shop ethically for those last minute gifts.  In fact, these tips can help you change your shopping ways and help you make a difference right into the New Year!



Learn about the differences between ethical/sustainable fashion and mainstream fashion.  Ethical fashion promotes sustainable sourcing and quality garment production as opposed to the fast fashion that creates more garments in less time and less money.  This results in unsustainable resources and sometimes exploitative production.  Ethical fashion is changing that model by promoting quality items made with sustainable materials and by workers being paid a fair wage.



Do some due diligence on your favorite fashion brands and find out their story.  This will give you the opportunity and the choice to make an informed decision as to whether you want to support the brand or find more ethical/sustainable alternatives.



Instead of buying poorly made garments that are trending for a few weeks, look at clothing as an investment.  It can mean paying more upfront for higher quality, but an over all lower price tag in the long run because they won't unravel after a few washes.   And with the fast paced fashion trends, it is not unusual for last season's trend  to end up in landfills instead of donation centers.  Maybe buying clothing that's truly loved, will help people care where it ends up.

Ethical shopping may take a little extra time and money, but it can also change lives and protect our planet.  So this holiday season, make a conscious effort and support the brands that are transparently making a difference in consumerism and the fashion industry as a whole.  

And if you still have some last minute gifts, choose Plume today.  With every online purchase made in December and January, we are giving 15% of the proceeds to Art And Abolition, an organization working towards liberating survivors of sexual slavery in Kenya.

Happy Holidays!

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