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Why Choosing Fair Trade Is The Way To Go


As you start our year off right with ethical shopping, we want you to know why choosing companies involved in Fair Trade is the way to go.  Fair trade is an organized social movement helping producers in developing countries achieve fair wages, better working conditions, and higher environmental standards.  The movement also strives for greater equity in international trading partnerships through dialogue, transparency, and respect.  

We don't actually "need" Fair Trade because you can buy from many other producers, but buying from Fair Trade helps support the people creating your products.  Companies and consumers alike have a chance to support everyone in the world and give them an equal chance to survive.  

Another reason why fair trade is the way to go is that it's also helping the environment by supporting sustainable preparations that minimize our environmental footprint.  Buying Fair Trade supports efforts made towards not only environmental sustainability but also higher quality in merchandise.

So this 2015, choose Fair Trade and make a difference in people's lives and our environment!


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