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Our Fall Featured Artist is Mikono Knits - A Company Committed To Women And Community


We chose Mikono Knits as our featured Fall Artist because not only are they committed to bettering the livelihood of Kenyan women, but also their dedication towards aiding the entire community.  Through the traditionally learned skill of knitting, founder Froydis Dybdahl Archer developed a successful business in 2005 with only 6 hand knitters and 2 machine knitters.

 Froydis Dybdahl Archer and Hand Knitter Grace

Froydis Dybdahl Archer and Hand Knitter Grace

"What motivated me to start a social enterprise in Kenya was that I wished to help Kenyan women to generate income for themselves in a sustainable way. I realized that knitting is a traditional craft in Kenya, but it was not creating income mostly due to cheap second-hand imports from the Western World. By training the women to follow a pattern, using better quality yarn and more fashionable styles, I realized I could help these women reach new markets. On a daily basis, it is the fact that I know I make a difference in their lives that inspires me to continue."   - Froydis Dubdahl Archer, Founder of Mikono Knits

 Professional Machine Knitter From Norway Mikono Knits Women

Professional Machine Knitter From Norway Mikono Knits Women

Today, Mikono Knits has up to 30 seasonal hand knitters, 5 fully trained machine knitters and is only continuing to grow as demands for their knits increase.  But growth in sales is not what drives Froydis and Mikono Knits.

"The success of Mikono Knits is not measured in the profit it makes, but to what extent the business has had a positive impact in the community."   - Froydis Dybdahl Archer, Founder of Mikono Knits

Mikono Knits is not only passionately committed to helping its knitters, but also the community they live in.  Allowing their artisans to earn honest wages by hand knitting from home, gives them the opportunity to tend to their families and other responsibilities in the community.  Also, Mikono Knits believes in sourcing all materials locally so that new income is generated for local farmers and spinners.  

Mikono Knits is a dedicated company helping to make a difference.  We are excited to feature some beautifully handmade Mikono Knits at our upcoming Fall Boutique!  So come join us in supporting Kenyan women and their community this October.

Written By Elena Schloss, Plume Collection Editor

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