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The Top 3 Sneak Peeks For Our Upcoming Fall Boutique


Our Fall Boutique is almost here.....Just 3 days to be exact.  So we thought we'd go ahead and give you our Top 3 Sneak Peeks to get you excited before the big event on Thursday.

Silk Pants designed by Plume Collection

Made by Artisans at Mehera Shaw Textiles Pvt. Ltd. in India

Mehera Shaw Textiles Pvt. Ltd. is an artisanal lifestyle label, a fair trade manufacturer and a non-profit foundation based in Jaipur, India.  Plume collection was drawn not only to their artistry but also their ability to connect quality craftsmanship to market, artisans to style trends, tailors and designers to finished products and consumers to the human story of slow fashion.  

Mehera Shaw Textiles Pvt. Ltd. is a fair trade and sustainable manufacturer.  They have created a transparent, vertical supply chain using fair labor standards, sustainable fabrics and artisan printed textiles.  They are committed to cradle-to-cradle production and produce garments in-house: specializing in artisan textiles from the Jaipur region of North India, natural fiber wovens and detailed stitching.

And if they aren't amazing enough, Mehera Shaw Textiles Pvt. Ltd. works closely with its sister non-profit foundation called the Mehera Shaw Trust Foundation.  Mehera Shaw Textiles Pvt. Ltd. and MSTF specifically work with artisans to develop up-cycled textile products, and create cooperative, micro-social enterprise and mentor-based education and training centres for artisan communities.  MSFT works in an integrated and fully transparent manner with Mehera Shaw Textiles to help people help themselves without discrimination.  Their philosophy is one of emancipation through work, skill building and dignity.  

Soutache bracelet designed by Plume Collection

Made by Artisans at Manja in Poland

Manja is an Etsy shop from Poland making statement and unique soutache embroidery jewelry.  We feel so lucky to have worked with the Owner, Maker, Designer and Curator, Manuela Wasik with our soutache bracelet designs.  Her beaded embroidery jewelry ranges from mexican to italian styles.  We are in love!

Knitted Sweater designed by Plume Collection

Hand knit by Artisans at Mikono Knits in Kenya

Mikono Knits is an inspiring ethical fashion label, creating stylish and unique knitwear while providing a sustainable source of income for under privileged Kenyan women.  Founded by Frøydis Dybdahl Archer in December 2005, Mikono Knits began as an initiative to help Kenyan women earn an income from a skill that was commonly learned in childhood but seldom used commercially - knitting.  

Today, Mikono Knits seeks to combine commercial objectives with a commitment to bettering the lives of its knitters as well as protecting the environment.  Mikono Knits is environmentally conscious in their production and packing materials.  Their products are all made out of 100% biodegradable, hand spun Kenyan wool and cotton. 

In October 2013 Mikono Knits became a member of Ethical Fashion Forum,and was awarded a "Fellowship 500 membership", uniting 500 pioneers and innovators in fashion and sustainabiliy.

Come see these Top 3 Sneak Peeks and more, this Thursday!

Written By Elena Schloss

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