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Meet The Mamas


Mama Angel.jpg

Mama Angel

"This program is important to me because before, I used to live a life of tears and sorrow but now that has changed.  I used to be the laughing stock of the community but now people look at me with more respect. I pray that the project continues and I will soon be able to move out of the slum".

Mama Cecilia.jpg

Mama Cecilia

"I feel like now I am a hero because I can now independently provide for my children. I think that I might even open a business and educate others with the skills that I have learned in this program".

Mama Diana.jpg

Mama Diana

"I am quite grateful for the Women's Economic Empowerment Program for many reasons but especially because I can see how my involvement has benefited my children. I hope that I will continue to see an improved change in my lifestyle like I have been seeing".

Mama Mary.jpg

Mama Mary

"Before being in the program I was in a bad place and right now I can see a visible change in my life. I believe that soon I will be able to lead a different and better lifestyle".

Mama Eunice.jpg
Mama Maria.jpg

Mama Maria

"Since I have been in this program I have been able to pay for my rent and I feel that I am making better choices. I hope that one day I might even be able to move into another house".

Mama Eunice

"I pray that this program never ends because it has helped me more than I can put into words, and as time goes by I see myself living in better circumstances because of it".