Photographer: Isabel Wanjui  
Sexual slavery continues to plague East Africa, and too many other parts of the world, crippling young girls mentally and physically before their lives have truly started.  Plume seeks to be a part of eradicating this plague.  

Plume partners with Art and Abolition to fund and direct the women's economic empowerment program, Baraka.  Art and Abolition is a non-profit organization based in Kenya, whose mission is to heal and empower young survivors of sex slavery by providing them a home and an education after extricating them from a life of sexual violence.   Many of the mothers have to sell their daughters’ bodies, sometimes for as little as a bowl of rice,  just to buy food and pay the rent for the family.

Plume plays a vital role in breaking this vicious cycle by providing the mothers with the much-needed skills and resources to be able to earn a living wage through craftwork and sales of their own handmade products.  Baraka provides training in income-generating trade activities within a community setting, to the mothers of these girls, and collaborates with them to develop designs that they are able to craft, as well as provides them a platform for orders for their products on the Plume website.  

Proceeds from sales of our beaded bracelets are used to purchase materials, and pay the women a fair wage.  This is the start of an ongoing partnership designed to provide a steady income for the group of Mamas and, in doing so, a stable home for their girls. Plume is committed to completing the circle of healing and to breaking the cycle of sexual violence by enabling the girls to return home. Our goal is to guide the mothers to develop a profitable business model and economic independence. 

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